Quality Policy

 Austin Tape & Label Quality Policy

The quality objective of our company is to provide products and services which meet or exceed the requirements of our customers. Every employee’s involvement and commitment to this objective is our goal. We will print good products at a profit if we can, at a loss if we must, but always good products.

We know that our immediate and long term success is dependent on supplying our customers with functional printing, adhesives and face stocks that perform up to their expectations. In order to assure this, we must work with our customer to get all the information necessary to understand all their requirements and expectations. We will work with our suppliers to assure that all purchased materials comply with our customer requirements.

Our quality system is designed to provide controls for the prevention of non-conforming products, early detection of problems, and corrective action to assure that only quality products are printed. Our system also provides in process and final controls to assure that only quality products are shipped.

We will strive to build a valuable relationship with our customers which assures them that our quality will never be compromised.