Graphic Design Criteria

This guide has been developed to assist in the flow of information used to generate artwork for your project from conception through plating.

If you are supplying information for a new design or a revision of an existing project, please forward all copy, logos, fonts and graphic elements in digital form. If this is unavailable, typed copy and camera ready art is acceptable. To avoid confusion, send only the necessary files to produce the job.

  1. Design
    Labels will be printed using Flexographic Technology, therefore we must set minimum design guidelines. Please inquire if there are any problems adhering to the following standards:

    1. Minimum line weight POSITIVE: .010” REVERSE .015”
    2. Minimum type size POSITIVE: 5PT REVERSE 6PT
    3. When designing line art, indicate PMS colors, do not use CMYK or RGB color mixtures. All rasterized process art should be high resolution, conventional CMYK format. (300 DPI or higher at 100% size). Consult us about creating type with process colors.
    4. Maximum of 7 colors with varnish, 8 colors without varnish.
    5. ATL will apply traps when necessary; .010” standard trap, .007” minimum trap
    6. If design includes vignettes or screens, use no less than 3% dots. Linescreen will be determined by ATL.
    7. UPC symbols will be regenerated by ATL with minimum 80% magnification.
  2. Platform
    ATL Graphics Dept uses the MacIntosh Platform, but most files are universal and can be opened using Mac or PC platforms.
  3. File Formats
    1. Adobe Illustrator CS3
    2. Macromedia Freehand MX
    3. Adobe Photoshop CS
    4. Quark Xpress 8
    5. Some versions of Adobe PDF files can be used
  4. Shipping Digital Files
    1. CD or DVD
    2. Email (compressed files no larger than 8MB)
    3. ATL FTP site: ATL will supply FTP uploading instructions as needed.
      Submitted files should include layout files of the final design at full size, original support files for any placed graphics and all fonts used in the project.
  5. Other Necessary Items to Include
    1. A full-size hard copy proof of submitted files indicating PMS colors.
    2. A list of all supplied materials. This may include files, fonts, placed graphics, transparencies, illustrations and any special instructions to facilitate the completion of the project.
    3. A contact person in case we should have any questions.

If you have any questions, please contact us and we will assist you in every way possible. Thank you.


(also build this as a PDF for download and print)